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The First Year Of Marriage

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Hold on to the baby announcements, newlyweds! The first year of marriage is a time for adjustments and having a baby during this period may not be a good idea.

For newlyweds who had a rather long engagement and have built a more stable relationship, the first year of marriage may require a short period--probably a few months--to adjust, but for young couples who had a shorter engagement, spending the first year getting used to being part of a couple is recommended.

Before the wedding, you were two individuals with your own stuff and your thing going on. You may be living together by then, or maybe not, but family and friends have different expectations from a married couple to an engaged couple.

If you and your partner are working, the first year of marriage may be a time to arrange your time with each other, your families and friends, and your work. By this time, you may have learned what your role is in your relationship. You may have also gotten used to being around his or her family more often.

Matters regarding money, making decisions, personal preferences, and your choices as a couple should be settled during the first year. Managing conflict resolution, embracing individual differences, and preparing for times when there is lack of passion are important issues to face during this time.

The honeymoon period does not only last for a few months. It may last up to a year. Enjoy your first year as a married couple. For women, get used to the change in surname, and for men, put your mindset to the fact that you are not a bachelor anymore.

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