Wednesday, January 20

Fish Oil Benefits And Side Effects

Lately, I have been feeling numbness and pain in my whole left arm from the shoulder blades down to the tips of my fingers.

I have used painkillers and menthol ointments to relieve the pain and to loosen up the muscles, but the pins and needles, the pain, the numbness... it did not go away for long.

I knew it's time for a more drastic solution. Massages are often used for rest and relaxation, but there are other types of massages that are therapeutic. Reflexology is one of them.

I had a nice, hard hand reflex at Nuat Thai the other night. The result has been really good. The pain went away and the numbness from my back to my forearm lessened somewhat, but I still feel pain in the joints of my left hand.

To help the healing, I need to take some vitamin supplements. Vitamins C and E are important, but there are alternative sources that help organically. These are made of natural ingredients that our bodies can absorb safely.

The benefits of cod liver oil or of eating fish has hidden wonders. If you do not like dealing with smelly fingers after, then try taking fish oil capsules each day.

The capsules are filled with cod liver oil and krill oil that can improve heart function, ease arthritic pain, reduce depression, improve ADD/ADHD, regulate blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. The fish oil can generally improve brain function and fight off certain types of cancer.

However, just like anything else in this world, too much of anything is bad for you. Fish oil is no different. Because it lowers blood pressure and thins the blood, it is not good for those with low blood pressure, anemia or diabetes. It also has gastrointestinal side effects because it is oil.

Some people get allergic reactions to cod liver oil or krill oil because they come from fishes or crustaceans, in the case of krill oil. This is not a good choice for those allergic to seafood.

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