Tuesday, December 1

Banking Online

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It's been days since I last went to the grocery. The family needs some new supplies--vegetables, fruits, personal items, snacks, bread, sugar, salt, etc. And I need to have some cash with me. With the intermittent power outages happening lately, it will be difficult to use a cash card or credit card for the digital POS systems at the local supermarket.

Problem is: the ATM machines also rely on electricity to run. Talk about technology biting us in the ass. So sometimes I have no choice but to withdraw over the counter at the bank. If only the line was short, it would have been okay to just breeze through the process.

Anyways, I am changing banks now. I have just closed my BPI account and I am opening a new one at BDO. I think Edward and I need to open a joint account in preparation for the future.

One of the reasons I chose BDO was its accessibility at most major malls and establishments. BDO also operate until after hours and during Sundays, which is very convenient. Another thing is that I can easily access my account online so I won't have to go to the bank personally for other transactions.

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