Wednesday, November 25

Know The Rules When Vacationing

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Many tourists visit the Philippines during winter and often go to the beach to enjoy the warm sun and the cool water before heading back to their wintry home countries. What most of them do not know is that the Philippines is hardest hit by typhoons during the months of September to January.

This combination of strong winds, high waves and tourists on sandy beaches can be fatal for the unprepared. Aside from the standard warnings sent out to travelers, local authorities also make sure they have the necessary facilities and equipment for search and rescue.

Search and rescue teams often bring extra devices with them besides the first aid kit materials. One of these devices is the AED, or the Automated External Defibrillator, which is very useful in reviving patients from cardiac arrest.

However, despite the preparedness of emergency response teams, there are still many deadly accidents that happen during vacations or the holidays. Safety should start first with self-awareness and discipline. Knowing the risks is not a guarantee that people will abide by the rules and follow the guidelines.

When you do decide to take a vacation, always remember to know the local laws and culture and to follow them as strictly as possible to avoid confusion, conflict and mishaps.

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