Wednesday, November 25

Freebies During The Holidays

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I love going to the malls during the Ember months when early Christmas is alive in the Philippines. Lots of sales and discounts going on in some shops. This helps you save money when you have a lot of Christmas shopping to do.

Many food and beverage companies make it a point to release promotional products in time for the holidays. They would set up kiosks at the entrances to the supermarkets and entice shoppers to taste the latest wine, milk, coffee, or juice they have. There are also hotdogs, sausages, sandwiches, ham slices, and other food samples that they want you to take a bite of.

Just walking around these areas is enough to satisfy your hunger and you don't even have to spend a cent to eat! This is truly one of those money-saving occasions that you should take advantage of during the holidays.

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