Thursday, October 22

Cleaning AC Filters Is Good For Your Health

I have been having some allergic reaction while working at the office. I don't feel sick like that when I'm outside or when I'm at home. It seems there is something wrong with the air at the office that I get this clogged nose, itchy eyes and a budding sore throat. I think it is time the office cleans the AC filters of the aircons.

Cleaning the AC filters is easy. Take the dirty filter out; filters are easy to slide out of the aircon. Wash the mesh with water and soap. Professional cleaners use water hoses with a special nozzle that controls the flow of water. However, if you want to do it yourself, just a wash rag, a little soap, and warm water will do. Make sure the filter is dry before placing it back inside the aircon.

Cleaning the AC filters regularly saves on energy. The aircon won't have to work so hard to keep the air temp low. Plus the air that circulates is cleaner; less dust are floating around the room.

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