Wednesday, September 16

A Skin Disorder Can Be A Social Security Disability

Did you know that you can apply for social security disability benefits if you suffer from severe skin disorders? Skin disorders are included in the list of impairments that Social Security deems severe enough to deter a person from working efficiently in the workplace.

According to the official list under Skin Disorders, the following skin diseases are included: Ichthyosis, bullous diseases, chronic infections of the skin or mucous membranes, dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, genetic photosensitivity disorders, and burns.

Social security assessments are based on the following criteria: duration and severity of the skin disease, extensiveness of skin lesions, frequency of flare-ups, symptoms include pain, and the kind of treatment the patient has to undergo. Sometimes, the skin disease causes deformity and may affect the senses and speech. There are others that require special treatment for the person.

People with these conditions are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The approval of their application will depend on many factors, such as the medical prognosis for the skin disorder and the supporting documents for it.

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