Friday, August 7

Upgrade to Something Faster, Better

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I know I haven't updated often at this blog. It's been difficult getting the connection up to speed. That storm, Jolina, has just hit the country. There's been floods and landslides. The rain and wind were really giving it all they've got to us. Brownouts were unavoidable.

Added to that is our router's connectivity feature. My sis has her laptop but we can't use that with the desktop at the same time because there's only one connection: cable. The best solution was to get a wireless router, and have the connection's speed upgraded to the next package, which is worth 1,295 each month with 1mb for the both of us.

My sis and I are planning on buying a wireless router by our selves but we're not too sure it's okay with Globe. They might charge us higher, or they might give us a discount. I'm not sure. Gotta go and ask them tomorrow.

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  1. Hi there

    Faster speed of internet is need of today lifestyle........router is one of them!


  2. Thanks for dropping by, James. This one failed after a year. The connection to the network was shared between users not only in our household, but in our area. The channel is similar to a cellphone network. We will get a dedicated line once we have a WiMax, which runs through a 4G network instead of 3G.


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