Sunday, August 16

A Simple Three-Step Regimen For Your Face

There is a simple three-step regimen that you can use to keep your face young, clean and blemish-free. This regimen uses three types of facial products: exfoliating cleanser, hydrating toner, and moisturizer.

1) Exfoliating Cleanser - Instead of using a facial wash or a facial scrub, try using a cleanser that exfoliates will rid your face of dead skin cells. The dead skin cells make your face look dull. Cleansing your face daily will also clean out the pores and prevent development of acne.

2) Hydrating Toner - To minimize the pores on your face, use a hydrating toner. Coupled with an exfoliating cleanser, it will tighten up the pores, control the oil level produced, and prevent dirt from being trapped inside otherwise large pores. Also take care that you avoid products with alcohol content since it dries up the skin. A hydrating will maintain the amount of needed moisturizer on your face.

3) Moisturizer - The most important element of your facial regimen is the moisturizer. It will help delay the aging process on your face by keeping the moisture in, preventing dryness. Other moisturizers have extra features such as whitening extracts.

There are other elements that you may include in your facial regimen, such as a night cream, a wrinkle reducer, and an eye treatment lotion. This dependes on your needs and your budget. If you want, you can find out the perfect regimen for you at Murad by taking a short quiz. They will send you suggestions depending on your answers. You can also avail of the Murad Promo Codes at the site to save on your purchases.

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