Saturday, August 8

Garage Sale

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One of my sister's friends have just migrated to the US. She had a one-week garage sale at their house here in Iloilo last month. I felt lucky I was able to buy some books from her. In fact, I was glad to even find the house. The house was a bit hidden from the main road. It's part of a family compound and the guard at the gate doesn't let strangers in easily.

When I got there, there were boxes, bags and moving kits scattered around the living room. The stuff for sale were inside these boxes. They have small stickers on them indicating their prices. She sold most of her stuff, including branded clothes at one-fourth the price she bought them with. I felt like a treasure hunter who just discovered a hidden trove of valuables. It was so exciting!

I bought a thousand pesos worth of goods and some clothes. She just told my sis she'll be back in December. And she'll probably sell again some stuff from the US. I'll surely be there to buy from her again.

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