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Managing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Stretch marks are often seen during pregnancy because of the rapid stretching of the skin to accommodate the growing fetus inside. The skin can not produce enough collagen to cope with the rapid growth. This causes tearing in the skin where the collagen in the skin separates. Aside from pregnancy, other cases where stretch marks may appear include rapid weight gain and the enlargement of breasts before one's menstrual period or after breast enlargement surgery.

Based on some articles on stretch marks, scientists and doctors generally believe it is a genetic predisposition. This means that women who often develop prominent stretch marks on their stomach, thighs, buttocks, and breasts have mothers who surely have them, too. Most of these marks fade over time, but they do not completely disappear.

A lot of women and a few men swear by many cures and preventions. Some of these cures are homemade, while others can be easily bought over-the-counter from the pharmacy. Often these cures include almond oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter in their list of ingredients.

The over-the-counter brands that a few women have recommended include BodyShop's Shea Butter, Neal's Yard Massage Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and Innocent Oils' Angel Butter. These stretch mark creams and lotions contain moisturizers like lavender and neroli, and those much needed nutrients for the skin such as Vitamin E and antioxidants for their anti-aging properties.

Applying these stretch mark removal creams on one's skin after every bath can lessen the number and severity of the stretch marks. Also drinking lots of water can solve the dehydration problem. Pregnant women don't have to worry of retaining too much water. Water retention is caused by too much sodium in the diet. If you lessen the amount of salt or avoid eating salty foods, you won't retain too much water during pregnancy. Hence, goodbye elephant legs!

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