Monday, June 1

Rainy Days Are Here Again!

It's the merry rainy month of June once again. Schools and universities are busy with their first week of classes for the school year. Tiangges and bookstores are also in full blast with their Back-To-School sales. Notebook memory cards, mechanical pencil leads, mini flash drives, and flashy iPods... Times are achanging. Kids these days prefer using gadgets and gizmos rather than a simple pen and some paper.

In fact, my own nephew is an example of the newest generation. PSPs, Game Boys, xBox, cellphones, iPods, laptops... Kids are too busy with their hi-tech toys they seem to have forgotten how it feels to play outside under the sun or in the rain.

I remember when we used to play in the rain. I still love doing that, but I don't do it as often these days. I feel nostalgic, sometimes, when it rains.

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