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News From The Family Front: Preventing Stretch Marks

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As baby announcements go, my sister's is the most calm. We were in the mall that time when she suddenly grabbed my hand and asked me to go with her to buy food at one of the food court stalls. I wasn't aware that anything's bothering her until she revealed to me she's pregnant again.

This announcement is met with a bit of apprehension since she is jobless now and still needs to support her husband's schooling. Aside from that she has to think of her son's expenses at school.

This is one of the reasons why I have come back home. Instead of spending a part of my income on rent, I can more wisely spend this to help my sister.

How To Avoid Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by tears in the skin due to rapid stretching. The collagen in the skin separates and tears because the skin's natural elasticity is insufficient in coping with the rapidity of skin stretching. These usually appear during pregnancy, but can also appear when there is rapid weight gain.

According to some articles on stretch marks, it is generally a genetic predisposition. This means that if you see your mom develop stretch marks on her stomach, thighs, buttocks, and breasts, then you'll surely have them, too. Most stretch marks fade over time, but do not completely disappear.

A lot of personal testimonies swear by many cures and preventions - some homemade, others can be bought from the pharmacy. Examples of these so called cures include almond oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter. The over-the-counter brands a few women recommended include BodyShop's Shea Butter, Neal's Yard Massage Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and Innocent Oils' Angel Butter. Some of these stretch mark creams and lotions contain moisturizers like lavender and neroli, and much needed nutrients for the skin such as Vitamin E.

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