Tuesday, June 16

Benefits of Fern-C

To fight infections before they become worse take Vitamin C everyday. This will boost your immune system, helping you fight the invasion of viruses into your body. Unlike other vitamin C products, Fern-C is safer and more natural.

First of all, it is non-acidic. Therefore taking too much of it won't cause gastric irritation, bloating or intestinal irritation. Aside from that, only 5% is flushed out, as opposed to 75% to 85% of standard Vitamin C is flushed through urination, bowel movement and perspiration.

Second, it is absorbed by the body 5 to 8 times faster than standard acidic Vitamin C tablets. It is 100% pure and dissolves easily in water unlike standard Vitamin C tablets which are mixed with starch.

  1. As super anti-oxidant, it strengthens the Immune system of the body.

  2. Protects the body against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, viral and bacterial infections.

  3. Safeguards the heart and entire cardiovascular system from bad cholesterol deposits.

  4. Gets rid of accumulated toxins like heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants found in the air, food and water we inhale, consume and drink.

  5. Acts as a natural anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent.

  6. Inhibits tartar formation by preventing periodical damage to gums and sockets.

  7. Helps ease mental stress and protects against stress related disorders.

  8. Helps stop constipation and shrink hemorrhoids.

  9. Strengthens the capillaries and other blood vessels.

  10. The antihistamine actions of Fern-C enable people to tolerate food they otherwise could not eat.

  11. Maintains your adrenal cortex and ovaries.

  12. Reduces insulin requirement of diabetics.

  13. Has shown a remarkable capacity to help knit bone and wage battle against such supposedly hopeless bone disorders.

  14. Aids the white blood cells in its ability to fight viruses, (stimulate phagocytic activity).

  15. Enhances sexual performance.

Fernslim dieting weightloss slimmingFern-C is brought to you by the same manufacturer of Fernslim, the newest weight-control and slimming product that beats the best diet pills today. It is safe and natural and won't hurt your budget. For only one capsule each day for ten days, you will see visible changes in weight and body shape.

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