Wednesday, May 27

Use Sunblock For Summer

Sunbathing Russian girl in TurkeyImage via Wikipedia
Summer is here once again and it's been very hot here in the tropics. Sales of hammocks, whicker seats, garden benches, and other outdoor furniture is in full swing. And, if you plan on sunbathing, you can choose a sturdy lounge chair that you can lie on while tanning.

Be careful, though, not to expose your skin too long to the sun's harmful UV rays. Apply sunblock lotion liberally on the exposed parts of your skin. Sunblock can prevent too much absorption of harmful UV rays while still allowing your skin to produce melanin, the hormone that results to darkening of the skin as a response to solar exposure.

Even if your sunblock lotion has an SPF of 75, it won't stop your skin from tanning. It will only prevent sunburn, and regulate the amount of UV rays being absorbed by the skin.

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