Friday, May 29

Showbiz News Bad and Good

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I was stuck watching the latest showbiz scandal and celebrity news over the weekend because my mom was hogging the TV. She has been tracking the updates on the latest Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal which is on everyone's lips these past few weeks. Publicity-hungry politicians and showbiz personalities have been muddying the waters to get into the limelight caused by the scandal. The chaos is more annoying than anything else that showbiz and politics have dreamed up.

On a more positive note, it's a relief to know Richard Gutierrez is now recovering well after his car accident which killed his long-time personal assistant. I'm sure he had car insurance, but I don't think he had his face insured. It would be a tragedy if something happened to disfigure him in some way. Coincidentally, he is one of the celebrity endorsers of the Belo Medical Group, the top cosmetic surgery and beauty enhancement partnership in the Philippines. Dr Hayden Kho is one of the partners of the said company. His present girlfriend is Dr Vicky Belo herself, the foundress of the Belo Medical Group.

I think Richard deserve a nice vacation somewhere in El Nido or something. He currently has a TV soap showing, but they can find a way to give him some break. Claudine did it with Marina, why not Richard?

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