Tuesday, May 5

FernSlim Natural amd Safer Slimming Product

fernslim weight loss pills
There's a new brand of slimming product in the Philippine market today. It's called FernSlim, which is a sister brand of Fern-C, the non-acidic Vitamin C supplement. FernSlim has been claimed to be the one used by Anne Curtis and Angelica Panganiban, two of the most beautiful stars in showbiz, to keep their svelte bodies in good form.

Fernslim contains Fabuless, an ingredient made of purified palm oil and oat oil (both naturally occuring dietary lipids), formulated in a patent protected emulsion. FERNSLIM is made with the tiny droplets of palm oil covered with substances derived from oat oil. This then gives the palm oil a resistant coat making our bodies digest these droplets very slowly. When the undigested fat reaches the ileum (latter part of the small intestines), this triggers our natural appetite control mechanism. A "feeling of fullness" (also called satiety) is signaled to the brain. The consumer who takes FERNSLIM will then feel that he does not need to take in more calories (food), will eat less and still feel full or satisfied. The fat from FERNSLIM is digested as normal further on in the ileum.

FernSlim is not just another weight loss pill. It is made of natural ingredients and is safe for your body's health. Instead of a pill, you have to take a cup of liquid everyday. FERNSLIM takes effect 3-4 hours later. If you take a cup for lunch, it will help you at dinner and afterwards. The effect last more than 8 hours.

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