Tuesday, May 26

Cleansing Your Body Inside and Out

I used to suffer from parasitic worms when I was a child. In our place, small children often play barefooted on grassy meadows. It may feel nice to let your feet sink into soft carabao grass, but it may not be hygienic for your child. Lots of parasites reside in the soil or in bits of excretion from insects and animals.

Our house happens to be next to a rice field and there were lots of animals in the area: chickens, cows, goats and migratory birds that love to peck at the growing rice grains. It's no surprise I got infected with worms.

I remember defecating worms. I know this is disgusting, but I just want to emphasize the need to watch out where your kids are playing or what objects they are putting into their mouths. The use of clean rubber mats and an indoor playroom is more practical and safer for children these days.

Gone were the carefree days when we can all run through the fields and enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin. Now children spend most of their childhood indoors. With the presence of TV, computers and video game consoles, kids have lost their interest in playing outdoors, and parents feel more assured that their kids are safer inside than outside.

But, what if I tell you, your children and you can still enjoy the great outdoors without worry? Don't isolate your selves from the beauty of nature. Enjoy long walks under the stars, breathe in the freshness of air and the enticing scents of flowers, trees and grasses, and run through the fields once again.

Don't think of the dangers of getting a parasite along the way. There are many ways to combat such fears. One way is to undergo colon cleansing once in a while to rid the body of remnant toxins, especially in the intestines where most of the digestion takes place.

Just like an engine kept in tip-top shape, colon cleansing can help better absorption of nutrients and digestion of food. This process is especially recommended for adults who have a high-caloric diet and a high intake of alcohol. This is also beneficial for teens who are eating so much junk food these days.

Read on the effectiveness and safety of such a procedure by visiting Colonix reviews now. Or you can ask your doctor about it.

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