Wednesday, April 22

Watching Videos At

Las Vegas hotels and Nevada brothels - those are the places where scenes in the Love For Sale series of BBC at, a video site where one can watch music videos, tv shows and movies in high-def quality for free. Lately that is where I've been hanging out.

Entertainment is so easy to be had these days, but the quality of sites that provide that is often disappointingly mediocre. It is nice that we have sites such as Joost or Jango where you can be entertained by good music and great videos for free.

But don't get me wrong. YouTube and others like it are good video sites who are always making sure spam and copyright violators are kept out of their archives. However, some people just want to enjoy good stuff on the Net and the over-saturated YouTube may not be the best place to find that. So why not try Joost and Jango now?

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