Thursday, April 23

Smooth Stones For Your Garden

This weekend me and my friends are going to the beach to unwind. We will be visiting the Sandbar Beach in the town of Concepcion. The beach is found in one of the islands located off the town's coast. It's about 3 hrs from the city befor we reach the town of Concepcion.

I'm already excited to see the white sandy beach and the clear bluish waters. I'm looking forward to swimming and playing ball with my mates. We already have done our grocery shopping and we definitely have loads of tummy fuel to keep us full for two days.

I'm planning on bringing home some nice smooth stones to decorate our garden at home. Sometimes I'd find stones that aren't shaped the way I wanted them to be, so what I do is use a rock tumbler to smooth out the edges. Rock tumblers are just machines where you can shave off parts of a rock without breaking it up into pieces. Machines like Lortone rock tumblers can be found in your local rock and sand shop. If you don't have one in your area, you can buy one online.

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