Friday, April 10

Fasting During The Holy Week

It's the Holy Week omce again. It's a good time to reflect and hold back on the excesses. I know I should stop the binges and bad habits. It's not enough that I pop a diet pill in my mouth. I really should stop eating so much. My stomach is already distended and I know it's time I start tightening the muscles in that area. The fat is actually minimal. It just looks big because my stomach muscles have loosened due to age.

Fasting is one way of regulating one's diet. Often people would stop eating for several days when "dieting," but this practice is just another form of fasting. The right way to fast is to undergo a cleansing process first. We must expel as many bad toxins from the body as possible. Then during the fasting we should maintain this condition until we have achieved balance with our body's functions.

Through fasting we get rid of excesses from our bodies and cleanse ourselves, improving the way our bodies function. In effect, we avoid suffering pains and aches, and illnesses that are caused by imbalance in our body's health.

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