Monday, February 9

Native Designs and Products

My roommate is a big fan of native bags. Bags made of abaca and piña are the best with attached beads and scarf. Colored ones are as good as the naturally hued bags. Any native bag can be paired with either casual clothing or an evening dress for a formal occasion. It is so durable and easy to maintain.

But there are also promotional bags from the Kultura store at SM Malls that look good. There are sack bags that resemble the bayong of old but it's made of abaca sack with hand-printed designs in front.

Besides Kultura, you can also buy native bags from the Guimaras and Miag-ao cottage industry groups that weave these products. They are less expensive than Kultura. In fact, the same bag with the same style and design can fetch for only 180 pesos as compared to 600 pesos at Kultura. Other native products include scarfs and handkerchiefs, slippers, purses and wallets, and even woven native dresses.

Native bag photo from Pinoy Fashion of Sassiness. Geekness Chicness.

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