Monday, January 19

Searching for a New Foundation

I'm out of foundation for my makeup regimen. I use a liquid foundation that is darker in shade. My sis recommended I use a shade lighter since my skin is morena. She also said I should check a Health and Beauty Guide on Cosmetics so I won't make a mistake in buying expensive stuff in the future. The best ones to use are the branded ones because the effect is almost always what they claim to be.

In searching for whether the shade you use is right for your skin, you can check whether you have warm or cool undertones. Olive or tan skin usually have a warm undertone, while fair skin has a cool undertone. Gold and bronze will look good on my morena skin rather than lighter shades.

The type of foundation to use will also depend on your skin type and the effect you want to achieve. If you have oily skin, you should try using a water-based or a matte foundation. You should avoid liquid foundation, illuminating foundation, sheer foundation and tinted moisturizers. While for dry skin, tinted moisturizers and illuminators are great as well as liquid and oil-based foundations.

Also my sis who has been putting on makeup way before I realized there is such a thing as makeup advised me to buy the best cosmetic tools for my personal use. I shouldn't rely on what comes with the makeup I buy. Good brushes and applicators should come in handy when I want to apply a certain shade in a certain way when blending.

Investing in good makeup and cosmetic tools is better than scrimping on products that do not give you the result you wanted and will just ruin how you look. Instead of looking good and feeling better about your self, you might regret it all.

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