Friday, January 16

Of Feasts and Festivities

Once again Dinagyang fever is sweeping the city! Dinagyang is a yearly celebration of street dancing and merrymaking in veneration of the child Jesus. We call Him the Santo NiƱo. Each year there are several tribes of dancers that participate in the annual competition. They dance to the beat of drums and bamboo instruments.

The Dinagyang Festival is held during the third weekend of January each year. This 2009 it will be celebrated on January 24 and 25. On Saturday there will the Kasadyahan Festival and then on Sunday it will be the Dinagyang Festival.

Following Dinagyang are two other big events: the Jaro Fiesta in February 2 (Monday) which is one of the biggest and most celebrated Fiesta in Iloilo City, and the Salakayan Festival in MIag-ao, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in the province of Iloilo.

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