Thursday, January 29

Next Door Neighbors

My roommate's older sister and her husband has just moved into the room next door yesterday. They had a lot of stuff, complete with a water cooler, TV, fridge, area rugs, mattress and all the kitchenware and dinnerware. Basically they look like they are bringing their whole house along.

I don't mind having a guy in the boardinghouse. He's married and he's not attractive at all. Plus they are older and will not be tagging along with us anytime when we go out to party. The only down side is, of course, because they are older they will more likely complain about us girls going out too often too much. Hehehe!

The older sis works at a shipping company while her husband is a sales agent for a health product company. Both of them appear serious, but from the times I've met and known them, they seem like good people. I think we will get along just fine.

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