Tuesday, January 6

Health insurance plan is a BUST!

I'm ending my health insurance plan. The company (which I decline to name here) made some bogus promises when its agents were promoting their products. It was only after some of us in our company signed up that we found out we wouldn't be receiving the agreed amount when we get hospitalized or we won't be eligible to add a beneficiary to our subscriptions. Thus we all backed out of the health plan agreement.

But before that I will use up all the money I have spent on contributions for the past year into a full General Check Up. I will have my kidney and bladder checked for urinary problems. I will have a pap smear. I will have a fertility test. And perhaps other blood tests for various diseases. I'll just have to find a way to convince the doctor that I needed these tests.

In exchange I will probably start a life insurance plan. The term life insurance is the simplest form of life insurance and will be significantly more beneficial to me than a health insurance plan. This way when I do retire I won't have to worry in case the funds from SSS are released late. Plus I do get benefits for injuries and health problems at work.

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