Tuesday, January 13

Going to the Gym

The holiday season is gone but the pounds gained aren't. It's time to go on a diet to get rid of the extra weight I've gained. Myles and Yeyen have invited me to sign up with them at the Olympus gym in front of Libertad Plaza. Gym membership costs 600 pesos each month, which is a far better way of spending my money on, instead of spending it on drinks and dancing at our favorite bar.

I'm very interested in using the gym's fitness facilities. I want to firm up my thighs and improve on my endurance. I get tired easily from short periods of exertion. Even climbing the stairs to the 5th floor at work (since the elevator still have not been fixed) is difficult on my lungs and my thighs.

I was envisioning a Smooth Fitness kind of exercise machine. I was surfing around their site just now and found a nice bike that will do nicely even when I'm reading a book or watching TV.

They say a few minutes on an exercise bike can get rid of cellulites and firm up thighs and buttocks. Getting a toned body is something I wish for but have a hard time turning to reality. Perhaps this time it will happen. Wish me luck!

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