Thursday, January 22

Dreaming to a Healthy Mind

Have you ever experienced lucid dreaming? I do. Almost all of the time. And every time I wake up I always feel depleted of energy. It was nice having control over how you dream and where your dream story would lead to, but you have to be prepared of the consequence of losing also your energy.

Sometimes I would dream of places I haven't seen yet, houses I haven't visited yet or lakes and ponds I haven't swum in yet. These places are beautiful and have an air of serenity. Clear blue waters and tall Elm trees flourishing along the road lends a feeling of peace. I always thought I could be in Heaven. After all, someone did say Heaven is a state of mind.

But does dreaming contribute positive to your health? I know sleep does. Yet dreaming may be a way of unloading life's stressors so your mind can keep itself stable and balanced. A person who falls often into dreamless sleeps may be stressed, having a personal problem or is too exhausted at the end of the day.

Also we often dream in black and white, but sometimes we also dream in technicolor. Lucid dreaming is often in technicolor than monochrome.

Through dreaming we can also come up with solutions to some problems that bother us. Creativity is needed in problem solving tasks, and through dreaming we can reach through the recesses of our minds and find our wellspring of creativity from which we can pull out ingenious solutions to our problems.

So keep on dreaming!

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