Monday, January 26

Dinagyang Fun

The Dinagyang festival has just ended and I still have a hangover. Wish I could have a digital signage over my head flashing "Don't Disturb! Headache Ongoing!" in red running lights, but then we all can't have what we wanted in life. So here I am feeling sick after 2 nights of fun and debauchery.

It was a blast enjoying some fun time with friends. We went to the food festival and then later to Smallville where concerts were given for free and bars were all full-packed. Everyone who matters was there.

But I had to go home early because a friend of mine is sick and needs a companion at home. It doesn't matter though. I still had fun the next day when we all joined in on the Dinagyang festivities and I had some henna tattoos done on my lower back, my navel and my ankle.

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