Tuesday, December 9

Wish List Gifts

Ever since I've set up the company wish list at the company forum, I've been receiving a lot of posts on wishes for techno gadgets: flash drives, earphones for ipods, ebook readers and lcd monitors... Wouldn't it be better if we switched to green gifts instead?

I saw great possible gifts at the trade fair at SM City. Handmade bags and fans, handcrafted paper, lamp shades, gift and jewelry boxes, native food delicacies and woven cloth are just a few of the cottage industry products being exhibited and sold at the fair. And they all won't pollute the environment because the materials used for making them come from natural resources such as bamboo and abaca.

In fact, I saw a beautiful handbag made from woven abaca which costs only P126 and will go nicely with any outfit - either casual or formal.

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