Tuesday, December 9

Under Eye Concealer

I am so happy I have just received my order of Sophie Coleur 3-in-1 Concealer. It only costs P215 pesos which is about 4 or 5 dollars. It's small at only 3 grams net weight, but highly useful when you need to cover up a few blemishes or dark circles under the eyes once in a while.

Sophie Coleur Concealer consists of 3 colors: 1 bright color, 1 dark color and 1 green color to cover freckles and facial blemishes.
  • Light Color – Conceals dark circles around the eyes.
  • Green Color – Blemish concealer that conceals blemishes and red patches on the skin, such as those caused by pimples.
  • Dark color - To shape the face. Apply sparingly beneath a concealer that matches your skin tone.

I have dark areas under my eyes. I'd be happy to see my eyes blemish-free sometimes. I read somewhere that dark under-eye circles are caused by the swelling of blood in thin capillaries under our eyes. The skin under our eyes is delicate so any swelling underneath is easily visible. The color of blood darkens to blue because of the hemoglobin in it.

What makes the thin capillaries swell? Those late nights where our eyes grow tired. Eating too much salty foods and smoking also cause swelling of blood vessels under our eyes.

So what to do to fix this? Use the age-old remedy of placing thin cucumber slices over our eyes. The veggie cools and eases the swelling and lessens the darkness when the blood recedes a bit. Another natural remedy is to place chamomile tea bags over your eyes.

Under eye circles can also be caused by genetics so they might not be easily removed completely. However, you can go to a doctor and have the swelling reduced through laser. It can cost you but at least the effect will be long-term. Additional changes in lifestyle such as sleeping 8 hrs a day, avoiding constant rubbing of the under eye area when washing the face, and applying an under eye moisturizer or cold cream regularly will keep away the dark under eye circles.

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