Wednesday, December 10

My Shopping List

Christmas Day is nearing and I haven't got to shopping for my friends and family yet! I already know what they wanted for the season of gift giving but I haven't gotten around to purchasing them yet. I was thinking of buying on December 21 after the second half of my salary comes in. But really... Doing your Christmas shopping so near the date is inviting disaster.

No worries though. I am halfway through the shopping list. I have already bought the gifts for the kids. It's the adults I'm worried about. Kids are easy to please; adults require a bit more persuasion.

For my boyfriend who is a gadget freak, I was thinking of buying him a new DVD player, but opted for a home theater carpet instead. It's better he buys the gadget he likes. He has preferences on what features he wanted from it.

For my sister, I already bought a sexy black shirt made with silk. It will look good on her hourglass figure. For my mom I will be buying a native handbag for her. There's one I saw at a trade fair at the mall.

For the rest... I will have to think of something. Til my next post then.

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