Friday, December 26

Keeping That Party Girl Skin Glowing and Healthy

Too many nights spent dancing, smoking, eating and drinking will surely take a toll on one's skin. The oil in pulutan, the drying effects on skin from smoking and drinking, and that haggard appearance from lack of sleep will certainly encourage the growth of acne on one's skin. Having acne when you need to party and meet people is a terrifying prospect!

Good thing we have many options to prevent the appearance of acne on our party skin's appeal:

1. Always wash away makeup off your face before going to bed. No matter how tired, drunk or sleepy you are, leaving makeup on your skin all night will clog pores and increase oil production.
  • Wash with a mild facial wash, preferably made with milk.
  • Then pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Please do not rub vigorously.

2. Avoid using facial and skin products with harsh chemicals. The tightening of the skin after a facial scrub or application of astringent is no indication you are doing the best thing for your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils and needed moisture.

3. Let your skin have a holiday, too! Have a facial once a week or twice a month. Scrub away dead skin and dirt and then moisturize. Use natural ingredients as much as possible.

4. If the acne looks worse, you can use available acne complex ointments and lotions bought over the counter or from shelves. The most effective acne treatments so far are from dermatological clinics. But if you prefer doing it your self you can buy a set of Murad acne complex treatment from the Murad acne site. Applying other brands that have not been proven to be effective may be hazardous. However, it doesn't mean we endorse Murad only. Other brands with a trusted name will do well instead of ones that may less expensive but may hurt your skin more than help it.

5. Always detox after a night of partying. Drink lots of juice to replenish the loss of Vitamin C in your body to regenerate new skin cells and help your organs process toxins away.

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