Thursday, December 11

Holiday Security

With the increase in shopper populations in malls this Christmas season, it's inevitable that security agencies and mall personnel become concerned with the security of shoppers while inside the malls. Bombing incidents and rampant pickpocketing have been recorded in the past, and everyone expects these will happen again.

To ramp up the security force many security agencies have taken to hiring new personnel to keep up with the demand of malls for more security people to help watch out for people exhibiting suspicious behavior. Bags and packages are strictly being inspected at mall entrances.

A background check for new personnel is actually a standard operating procedure. Security checks can include a criminal check on possible past offenses. A criminal background check will prevent terrorists and criminal syndicates from infiltrating mall security during the holiday season.

In fact, one of the biggest malls in Iloilo City took it a step further by asking military personnel and the police to be posted inside the malls. K9 units were also dispersed along mall entrances to sniff out possible explosives inside packages and bags.

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