Monday, November 3

Happy Halloween!!!

The Halloween weekend has just ended and the trek back to the city has begun. Every November 1 and 2, Filipinos visit their dead and light candles for them. We send prayers for their souls and reminisce of the times when they were alive. Now it's time to return to the world of the living.

Personally I still have a hangover from the celebrations over the weekend. It may be a bit morbid for some, but the Day of the Dead is also celebrated with lots of food and a joyous get together with the family. And with the increase in food there's the increase in weight.

But fortunately I have stopped drinking alcoholic drinks and eating fatty foods. I only chose the dishes made with vegetables, and drinking water instead of softdrinks or any alcoholic drinks. I hope these changes in eating and drinking habits will produce a positive effect.

My basis for improvement is the shape of my body, my muscle tone, and my clothes. I don't give much attention on weight because it sometimes misleads us into thinking being heavy is being fat. There are some people who weigh heavily, but are highly compact with no body fats at all.

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