Friday, October 24

UTI Diary: Cranberry Juice Therapy

I have been praising the great benefits of Orovo here in this blog. It's actually recommended by Oprah herself. But more than the celebrity endorsement, Orovo is great because it's organic. Its ingredients came from natural herbs and it won't harm your system by leaving artificial chemicals.

Since I can not afford an Orovo detox which is so above my usual budget, I have to settle for home bred therapies in getting rid of body toxins, especially bad bacteria that causes UTI. One way to do this is to drink cranberry juice every day. Cranberry has many beneficial vitamins and other elements needed by th body to function well. The tannins and flavonoids in cranberry also help in fighting aging. They are good antioxidants to replenish in the human body.

More than the anti-aging benefits, cranberry significantly reduces the onset of UTI by preventing the E. coli bacteria from sticking to the uterine walls. If they are there they will surely be unstuck in a minute. Cranberry's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits also help fight the development of dental plaque, gum disease and kidney stone formation.

I am going to buy cranberry juice and start the therapy right away. I will take note of changes in this diary. I have already begun a water therapy and so far it worked in inducing urination. The more urine I release, the better for my body.

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