Wednesday, October 22

UTI Diary 2

I wish I have a Chumby or a Garmin GPS to entertain myself. I have been spending too much time alone in my room lately. I have stopped going out with friends to bars and restos. I can not avoid bingeing or drinking alcohol when I'm with them. Even in my adulthood I can still barely resist peer pressure. I know if I wanted to really stop my excesses I have to avoid being exposed to temptation.

I have begun drinking lots of healthy fluids lately to cope with my recent UTI scare. The pain in my lower abdomen hasn't returned, but it doesn't mean everything's okay. I know I will have to change some of my bad eating and drinking habits. So now I'm only drinking lots of water, fruit juices, and coconut juice. The last one is said to be good for UTI.

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