Tuesday, October 21

UTI Diary 1

Five days ago, in the early hours of a Friday morn, I suddenly woke up with an acute pain on my lower belly. Previous to that I have already been experiencing a nagging pain on my lower back at the right. My first thought was that my appendix burst. But that possibility was immediately eliminated since I could still get up and walk about. Plus the center of pain isn't at my side but in front near where my bladder is supposed to be.

I immediately sent a message to my sis, asking what the symptoms of appendicitis are exactly. I also wanted to confirm if I could be suffering from UTI or urinary tract infection. After a few minutes my sis replied that it could be I'm suffering from UTI and my ureters were swelling at that moment. It was a relief to know I need not go to the hospital right away.

But my relief, of course, is not complete. I know I will have to watch what I eat or drink from now on. I have to avoid eating sodium-laden foods, and stop drinking alcohol, so that my infection will not be aggravated. I will have to drink more fluids, especially water and fruit juices to help clean my body of toxins and fight the infection.

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