Monday, October 13

Organic Skin Care and Arometherapy

Good makeup is hard to buy. That's the bottomline. They are not hard to find. Revlon, Clinique, Max Factor... the big brands have always been the best to deliver. But when it comes to safety... Who do you turn to?

Reports of lead in lipsticks have alarmed many consumers. Lead can cause cancer and using a product with lead (despite having minute amounts of it) everyday can still be bad for one's health. Hence, the rise in use of organic cosmetic and beauty products.

Organic skin care products are mostly made from natural ingredients and use synthetics in small portions to lengthen the product's shelf life. However, these synthetics are not as dangerous as lead or any other chemical.

Organics can now be found sold in cosmetic counters and even online. One can order their favorite product with specific ingredients actively producing their desired results. Lavender, chamomile, green tea... these natural ingredients come from herbs and plant oils that we usually find in gardens and in the wild.

Lead in Lipstick?

The reports of famous brands of lipsticks containing lead is alarming. Actual studies done have proven one third tested contained more lead than what was allowed by the US FDA.

Lead in lipstick is worse than lead in foundations. Lipstick is often ingested and accumulation of the chemical can lead to development of cancer, and even infertility issues as well (including among men who kiss lips laden with lead-filled lipstick). To avoid these, use natural makeup which contain mineral pigments and organic plant extracts and oils that are gentle and healing. Organic makeup does not contain synthetic materials, artificial fragrances or petro-chemicals that even those with sensitive skin and allergies can wear it.

The Nose Knows

If you're like me whose sense of smell is an influential factor for maintaining good health, then aromatherapy is perfect for us.

To calm my senses and lessen stress, I often use scented candles to spread fragrance in my room. The pleasant odors together with soft music can ease the chaos from my mind and relax my body.

Use lavender to improve sleep, chamomile to ease stress, and citronella to protect you from mosquitoes. Also use vanilla for a sensual air.

When choosing perfumes and colognes, choose the water-based or the oil-based over those with alcohol. Water-based ones are good for sensitive skin, while oil-based fragrances are for long-term use and you risk having the scent stick to your clothes despite the many washings. So choose carefully.

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