Friday, October 10

New Resolution: Go Natural!

Everything these days is geared towards instant results, instant remedies and instant gratification. People don't have patience anymore to spend time and wait things out. You may be asking what my point is. Well, when it come to risking our futures trading in organic and natural solutiuons for fast synthetic remedies, I am very concerned.

I was thinking of how often I use toners and astringents on my face and still I get all these breakouts. It hasn't blown to full on acne yet. I don't think it will, but I'm concerned that using these facial cleansers too often may not be the answer. And I haven't started on facial scrubs yet.

So now I have decided, Screw facial products. I'm going natural for a while. Clean my face with a mild soap (Ivory) and warm water. Pat it gently instead of rubbing it. Apply moisturizer more often, and use makeup less frequently. Also I must sleep more often and drink water more. Water and sleep helps in cellular growth and can improve one's health, including skin care.

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