Saturday, September 27

A Tribute To Blogger

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseMy gadget freak boyfriend is once again at it with industrial knobs and locks. When he's in one of his phases he forgets me. Oh well...

To entertain myself I prefer to either read or blog. The latter is a more profitable endeavor but not less intellectually stimulating as the former. Blogging has opened new worlds of thought for me. Ideas I have never considered before I begin to learn and appreciate for their uniqueness and creativity. My own experience in writing for a school magazine has helped me with blogging and, modesty aside, I think my own creativity has been a wellspring of many innovative ideas I had in blogging for topics that are way out there (such as that post on skin shrinks).

Recently a friend told me of his interest in blogging and earning from it. I told him he can create a blog easily at Blogger for free. Or he can get a free CMS and install it at a webhost, and buy a domain for only 10 dollars a year. Blogging is easy enough once you get the hang of it.

Everything else starts with one step, one word. Blogging may seem a bit technical for the non-techie, but since the creation of user-friendly software and applications, any ordinary web user can learn to use it and customize it to his preferences.

Personally I rather prefer to have a free hosted blog just like this Blogger blog. Support is already there, plus there is the added value of having a stable server. Blogger is owned by Google, so this assures its users high quality services even when it's free.

What I also like about Blogger is its user interface. It's easy to navigate and the process of posting is painless. No need to read the manual. You can actually jump in and learn as you go. It's that easy!

In effect, if ever any one you know wants to try blogging, direct them to Blogger. Once they learn the intricacies of blogging then perhaps that's the time they can opt for other CMS, and having their own site and domain set up.

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