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Top 5 Anti Aging Tips for Dry Skin

Zandrea's BeautyImage by Evan Romine via Flickr Mature skin doesn't respond well when there is too little moisture in the air. It is already dry and thin due to the slowing down of collagen production. If not taken cared of, dry air can produce more visible fine lines and wrinkles. What's worse it can cause aging skin to flake, crack or bleed. To prevent these from happening we can either move down South and take long Miami and Orlando vacations, or we can follow the following steps right in our homes:

1. Hydrate your skin by taking a short bath or shower daily using warm (not hot) water and closing the bathroom door to ensure the humidity is kept inside for a few minutes.

2. Be gentle with your skin. Use mild cleansers or soaps and do not rub your skin when drying off with a towel. Instead pat it dry and let a bit of moisture to remain on your skin.

3. To reduce dryness and itching moisturize regularly. Moisturizer should be applied within 3 minutes after finishing a bath or shower to trap water unto the skin. Reapply throughout the day and be consistent with the brand of moisturizer you use.

4. When choosing the right brand of moisturizer check the label for the following ingredients:
  • lactic acid or urea to alleviate dryness and itching
  • hyaluronic acid, dimethicone and glycerin hold the water unto the skin
  • lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) trap water in the skin
5. Use protective cosmetics such as sunscreens and lip balms with anti-UV protection. Make sure to prevent further damage by using products with SPF ratings 15 and above. This can help reduce signs of premature aging and prevent skin cancer.

If dry skin still persist, it's time to consult the dermatologist. Loss of moisture might be a sign of skin problems such as eczema.

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