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Natural Anti Aging Remedy Using Magnetic Therapy

Pizhichil - ayurveda treatmentImage by kruain J&B via Flickr We all know that with aging comes changes in our body in appearance and in function. We experience a slowing down of cell regeneration which affects collagen production resulting to loss of skin elasticity, and also affects cellular growth resulting to degeneration of internal organs. As a result, we develop wrinkles and experience aches and pains in our joints, or worse develop aging-related health problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. However, going through these aging-related health problems shouldn't have to be painful. There are natural remedies to ease the pain and fight the signs of aging. One of these natural remedies is magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries. As early as 2000 BC in China magnetic stones have been used to correct health imbalances. But the most popular use in ancient times was by the Egyptian Queen in maintaining her youthful appearance. Legend has it that Cleopatra slept with a magnetic stone on her forehead to preserve her youthful appearance. (From History of Magnet Therapy)

Aside from the Chinese and Egyptians, the pragmatic Greeks also believed that magnets could be used for healing therapy. In fact, the word magnet is derived from the Greek phrase Magnes lithos, which roughly translates to stones from Magnesia, which is a place in ancient Greece filled with volcanic rocks imbued with magnetic properties.

In modern times, magnet therapy was popularized by the renowned Swiss physician and alchemist, Paracelsus, in 1493. He believed that the life force found in nature also existed in the human body and diseases could be cured by using magnets to energize and influence the body's life force to start the healing process.

The discovery of a link between electricity and magnetism in the 1800s led to the development of electromagnetism. Subsequent experiments produced the defibrillator which became a vital device in resuscitating patients in emergency situations. At the same time magnetic therapy products such as boots, rings, girdles, and caps, as well as magnetic ointments, were produced and distributed through mail-order catalogs.

Magnetic fields can be used as part of an anti-aging preventive care system. Research studies have shown that magnetic fields have preventive effects on bone health, particularly in the treatment of osteoporosis. Another benefit of the use of magnetic fields is in reducing the development of arthritis.

What's attractive about magnetic therapy is that it is non-invasive and all natural. It can be applied without the need of a physician. Even individuals can become proactive in managing stress, doing long term health maintenance and slowing the aging process with the simple daily use of a magnetic therapy product. These products may include magnetic bracelets to control your body's natural magnetic field and water magnets to polarize water to a positive charge.

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