Tuesday, September 23

Heart Problems and Aging II

Diagram of the human heartImage via WikipediaA previous article discussed the benefits of mitral valve repair as opposed to mitral valve replacement as solution to mitral valve prolapse. The same post also posited that heart problems are one of the most common health risks in aging. However, mitral valve prolapse isn't the only heart problem one may encounter in maturity.

Another type of these heart problems is called arrhythmia, or a form of heart murmur. An Arrythmia is any deviation from or disturbance of the normal heart rhythm and usually is a sign of an existing heart problem. The heart problem may be found in the mitral valve or in any part of the heart. However, a medical solution such as a heart surgery would require a team of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience.

Cardiologists and heart surgeons can extend their knowledge through CME Programs. CME means Continuing Medical Education, a type of continuing education helping medical doctors improve their knowledge and skills in their specializations. TheHeart.org from WebMD offers CME Programs and short courses on special topics in cardiology. It also publishes an up-to-date page for Cardiology News.

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