Thursday, September 18

Get Slim The Healthy Way By Going Vegetarian

Chopped VegetablesImage by Prato9x via Flickr I don't remember the exact point when I decided to go veggies whenever I can. I was a hearty meat eater since I was a kid. In fact, I love hotdogs and ham, and I detest eating anything green. When I became a teener, however, I started eating vegetables. It was for my own good since I was so thin and my adolescent body is growing fast. I needed the proteins, vitamins and minerals I could get. My mom even made me take vitamin supplements to help my body cope with the nutritional demands of adolescence.

It was in the recent years, since I stepped into my late twenties that I became aware of my health and how much impact what I eat has on my body. I didn't think of losing fat or going to the gym for this. I was happy the way I was since my weight is already normal for my height. I wasn't suffering from any health problem or anything. My only reason for eating healthy is to be healthy.

However, my firm figure gained in my twenties is gradually leading to a voluptuousness that may be sexy for some men, but alarming to many women. I am gaining some meat, although my curves aren't suffering. But in my mind, I am getting fat.

Every morning I would see in the mirror the folds of flesh that rest over my belly, hips and thighs. My boyfriend likes them. I don't. I wanted a firmer body, the same one I had when I was younger. And I know I have to lose a bit of fat first before I go to the gym.

As I was searching for information on the best fat burners, I came across a blog post that proposes a healthy way of slimming down. It doesn't support hunger diets but instead eating and living a healthy lifestyle. This slimming diet includes eating vegetables and fruits more, while lessening the fats, sugars and carbs.

So I have been eating vegetable dishes mostly, whenever there are available. I can't choose them everyday when I don't have control in what kinds of dishes are served on the table. This is one of the limits of going vegetarian when you are not the one preparing the menu and cooking the food. But I survive.

As a result I am successful in toning down my body bit by bit. I'm also maintaining my ideal body weight to my height. My ideal body weight should be within the range of 95 to 100 lbs for a height that is less than 5 feet. I am 4 feet 11 inches, 31 years old and my body weight is somewhere in between 95 and 100 lbs. As of now my Body Mass Index is 19.2 as calculated using a nifty tool from Calories Per Hour.

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