Wednesday, September 10

Allergic Rhinitis Blues

The nose game makes prominent use of the human...Image via Wikipedia Allow me to deviate again from the subject of aging and skin care. It's not enough that we know how to keep our skin healthy and our bodies fit, but also what diseases we can expect when we reach a certain age. I am still in my thirties but health problems are beginning to bug me, especially those that are genetically pre-coded into my system. Allergic rhinitis is one of those genetic health problems I'm referring to.

Allergic rhinitis may be triggered by exposure to dust, pollens and extreme changes in temperature. Other allergens include animal allergen (proteins produced by a cat's sebaceous glands) or molds which grow in warm, damp environments. These allergens cause the swelling of the nasal passage, resulting to runny nose, itching of the eyes, and cough.

I thought the runny nose and the watery eyes were just symptoms of the flu, but no matter how much or how often I take flu tablets I still sneeze and my nasal passage still hurts. So that's when I knew I have allergic rhinitis.

Next I thought about what triggered it. I considered the environment at work where the temperature is set too low. But then I've been used to such temperatures and I do not suffer from allergic rhinitis each time I get exposed to low temperatures. And so that's where the quality of air and the existence of dust at our workplace comes in as the culprit for my nasal problem.

This topic has already been brought up during our last admin meeting where it was agreed that cleaning the work stations and the aircon filters should be done more regularly. What's more, an air filter like IQAir should be installed to keep the air quality clean and free of bacteria which can also trigger more than allergic rhinitis. Bacteria in the air can cause respiratory health problems. I just hope these measures will be enough to prevent our employees from suffering allergies and breathing problems. One such employee has already been very vocal in criticizing the quality of air and cleanliness of the office enviroment.
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