Tuesday, August 5

Wanna Flirt?

Wow! Was that F-U-N! I'm so into online games right now and I just came out of playing the Victory Hair Ultimate Flirting Championship all mussed up and hawt! Woot!

Victory Hair? What's Victory Hair you ask? Victory Hair is when you have that look that says "I've just been naughty! Wink! Wink!" Freaky hair. All mussed up. Sexeh.

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Play the Victory Hair Ultimate Flirting Championship!

The game is really fun. You play The Flirting Championship with two other players. First try I was the judge and I got to ask the questions. Two guys were answering and I got to choose which answer was better.

I usually achieve the same effect on guys when I chat or just plain look at them. Some have told me my eyes are my best asset. They're sexy and flirty. A few have told me my smile comes second, bright and come-hither-y. Here's a sample. What do you think?

the look
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Now I really want to buy Extreme Style by VO5. I spend more money on hair products than on skin care products lately. I'm also planning on going to the salon and have my straightened. It's been looking dry and stiff lately. I've been using conditioner but I think the aircon just got to it, you know. I need moisture! Gimme moisture for my hair!

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