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Some Bad Beauty Habits Are Hard To Break

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I found this fascinating blog post today by Aybi. In it the author listed beauty habits some of us may not be aware to be bad for our skin and hair. One of those is my hair and beauty sin:

1. Excessive hair washing - Washing our hair everyday may make you feel clean. In reality, though, It strips your hair and scalp their natural moisturizing oils. leaving you with damaged brittle hair. Prevent this by shampooing your hair every other day for a healthier, silkier mane. Apply conditioner after rinsing. Use those that contain little or no alcohol at all. Or massage your scalp with drops of jojoba oil.Aybi, Information on Health Blog, Aug 2008
I wash my hair everyday using an anti-dandruff shampoo with a conditioner. Although I am worried I might be hurting my hair more than helping, I just can't ignore the urge to wash it each day. My scalp feels itchy at the end of the day after being exposed to smog, heat and sweat.

Aside from the shampoo, I also follow it up with a separate conditioner. AND... Mind you it doesn't end there. I use a leave-on conditioner, too, to protect my hair from the sun.

In reality my beauty regimen takes a lot of time to follow through, but to my mind each step is important. If I skip one I feel incomplete, and will be restless and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Read the rest of Aybi's article here.

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