Sunday, August 10

PaGwapa Organic Beauty Products Now in Iloilo!

I have just discovered PaGwapa Beauty Shop at the 2nd Floor of Robinson's Iloilo. The shop sells all natural skin care products. They have soaps made from papaya, orange, bearberry, and calamansi. They have whitening soaps and lotions, sun protection lotions with SPF 45 and up, and even anti aging soaps and lotions. Everything is made from organic ingredients.

The sales personnel assured me the company manufactures everything in-house at Manila and they only use all natural ingredients. They did not use animals for testing. What's more everything is hypo-allergenic.

What is also great is the low, low price their products have. I bought my Miracle Soap anti aging and whitening soap for only 55 pesos (only $1.25)! The lady at the shop advised me that lightening results can be achieved after only 3 days of continued use and thereafter whitening results will be visible. As long as I continue using the product of course. I don't really mind because of the affordable price.

Aside from soaps and lotions, PaGwapa also sells hair vitamins, hair therapy products, hair and skin masks, skin cleansers, and facial and body scrubs. Their products are not only for women but also for men. They are good for sensitive to normal skin, and even on oily skin types.

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