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Is Colon Cleansing Good For You?

It's interesting what kinds of offers you get in your inbox. Just now I have received an email with a link to a supposedly good way of detoxifying your system. It's called a colon cleanse. I wondered then what health benefits it will give me if I ask my doctor for a cleansing once in a while. How different is it from enema?

After some research on colon cleansing and enema, I found this article from very helpful:

Colonics and enemas are both therapies that cleanse the colon by introducing water through the rectum. The key differences are that a colon cleanse cleans the entire length of the colon while an enema only cleanses the lower part of the colon, and that a colon cleanse requires multiple infusions of water while an enema involves only one infusion of water.

For more information on getting a colonic you can refer to this article.

Why do people undergo a colon cleanse? The following are a few of the reasons:
  • To remove accumulated waste from the colon
  • To help prevent constipation
  • To improve overall health
Colonic history points to John Harvey Kellog, M.D. as one of the early proponents of colonic cleansing and autointoxication therapy. He's the founder of the Kellog cereal company. Many believed it was due to Kellog's influence that colon cleansing became popular from the 1900s to the 1940s. It was recommended for many conditions including depression and arthritis. However due to the rise in laxative use, colon cleansing decreased in popularity.

An occasional (NOT REGULAR) colon cleanse will keep your digestive system healthy. It is very important that the colon must have a good amount of good bacteria. These microorganisms help maintain the pH balance of the colon. These friendly bacteria synthesize many important vitamins which include vitamin K and vitamin B.

However, to achieve better health and well being, you need not only undergo colon cleansing but also eat regular balanced meals rich in fiber. Drink a lot of water and avoid eating more meat and sugar than what your body needs.

Today an occasional colon cleanse is still recommended by alternative medical therapists. Many people seek colonic therapy to detoxify and cleanse their system to improve their health and well being. However, there is no truth to the claim that a colon cleanse will clear acne. Also colon cleansing has been recommended for getting rid of bad breath, digestive problems, allergies and bloating. Medical literature, however, is sorely lacking in concrete evidence pointing colon cleansing as a possible solution to these problems which also include low sexual performance and insomnia.

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